Saturday, January 5, 2013

Handkerchief Shirts for School Clothes

I found some cute bargain fabric at Walmart($1.50-2.00/yd.) and had this pattern I bought on sale for 99cents somewhere (Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's). I finally made a shirt for each of my school girls. The shirts were very simple to do. The knit was pretty stable, having a good 'stretch-back'. (Sorry I'm bad at vocabulary.) I made each one probably under 2 hours after cutting.

I ended up adding a wide piece of white stretch lace across the neckline of the green shirt for modesty. The green shirt is size 8.

The blue shirt is size 12.
I almost don't want them looking so pretty so the boys won't pay attention! The girls love the shirts.
Next, I'm making the cute goucho pants from the same pattern, and the capris with an added ruffle for cuteness.

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