Saturday, April 20, 2013

Easy Pioneer Trek Skirt Instructions DIY

My aunt needed a couple of trek skirts for the stake youth conference coming up, but they were for unspecified young women.  I have no idea the height or weight of the girls, so I had brain storm an idea so that it would fit anyone or most anyone AND look a little attractive so that they would wear it.

Here is the pattern I came up with.  It has a waistband in the front and a drawstring/tie back.  The back half extends to 40 inches in length from one side of the front to the other.  The front is about 14.5 inches across.  That is about 54 inches, give or take for the waist expansion.

I used a Full Size Bed Sheet.  I used the top and bottom edges for the hems of the skirt.  The + 2.5" hem is the extra length needed if you are NOT using a bed sheet.  I made 2 skirts- one for a 5'8" girl and another for a 5'4" girl out of one bed sheet with a little extra leftover.  I apologize if these are confusing patterns or instructions- someone with a little knowledge of basic construction should do okay with it.  Most of the 'how to' is with pictures.  If you need clarification, just let me know!
Here are the measurements and instructions

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Earth Day Activity for Kids- Recycle and Grow

Wow- the beans sprouted within 3 days!
For Activity Day Girls, we planted seeds in aluminum cans.  We also had a short lesson on Faith is like a Seed.  Here are the results, and my daughter's plant above (only a week later!)

Adults should do the holes
We used 16 oz. cans.  If they have a ridge on the bottom, you can use a bottle opener/can piercer to poke it.  If not, just use an ice pick and hammer.  I used the cheapest dirt at Walmart- less than $1 per small bag.  We used yogurt or sour cream lids as water dishes/catchers.  Water it a little everyday to keep the dirt moist until the seeds pop up.  My daughter and I kept ours inside by a sunny bathroom window that tends to be very warm (almost like a greenhouse).
After we planted the seeds
If you want to use the 'flags' here is the document:
Cut just below the upper word 'grow'.  It folds down over the popsicle stick and then tape/glue.

Happy Earth Day!