Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Limit Screen Time

One of the best rules we've come up with as a family is Technology Days.  This was made to discourage computer and TV use every day.  Instead, we only allow a certain amount of time of each technological thing on days of the week that have a 'T' in the name.  So, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  They are allowed this screen time AFTER they have cleaned their room and made their bed.  It has worked pretty well.  We do have exceptions for holidays and occasionally Sundays, but doing that sometimes makes the technology day rule a little too relaxed, so be careful about doing that.

We also have a system of coupons and clips on a behavior chart.  We will soon be implementing the Technology Days with the coupons so that they have buy coupons from earned 'behavior money' (tokens) to on those days instead of just being given them after they clean their room and make their bed.  Here are some of the coupons I've made:

The cost of the coupons vary, of course, according to the value the kids have for it.  I print them on cardstock and laminate them at a teacher's supply store.  We had the kids come up with their own ideas for coupons to encourage them to work harder for the coupons.  Here is what they came up with:
The important thing to remember when trying a new system/idea in parenting is to stick with it and be consistent or it will not work no matter how great the idea or system is.  I know this from experience.
  Good luck!