Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dekaney High School Political Cartoon- What's wrong with this Picture?

As a spouse of someone who works at a less-than-desirable workplace, it is frustrating to feel powerless to do anything significant to change anything.  I've always been one to believe that laws are made to protect us, and that we should follow them.  This political cartoon (although it isn't really politics) is my personal effort and expression to make a statement about the unfair and unjust ways of a system.  Many businesses and school districts might be able to identify with this cartoon.  And since we believe in freedom of speech, here it goes.

Recently Dekaney High School was on the news (again) for having a fight (or riot).  I believe these are just symptoms of a deeper problem.  I drew this cartoon last November 2011.  I've just finally decided to post it here, even though I know hardly anyone will see it. 

This cartoon was inspired by certain teacher friends of my spouse who, in the beginning of the year seemed the strongest.  They seem to have finally had their spririt broken.  DHS stands for Dekaney High School.  Many people who are teachers are not teachers because they want to make a lot of money.  They know the good that they are doing is far more rewarding than pay or worldly success.  It is too bad teachers aren't recognized and respected more than they already are.

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