Saturday, December 17, 2011

A New Shipment of Silk from India

I was so excited to receive this package after a couple weeks of bidding and buying. This is a stack of 6 Silk Saris. I plan to make several nursing shawls and regular shawls out of them.

One of the exciting things about ordering packages from India or other countries like it is the whole experience of the packaging. The wrapping consists of brown paper, fabric (crepe silk?) and LOTS of tape. I've received a package from India once that, if it wasn't for the extraordinary amount of tape holding it together, I was not convinced it would have made it delivered in one piece.

There was another time that stuck under the tape was a very, very long dark strand of hair. I don't doubt it was from an Indian women with beautiful long hair taping the package. I was amazed the hair made it all the way here!

Anyway, I hope you all can find time for simple excitements during the holidays. I just wanted to share mine!

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